Ways to Encourage Team Communication

Ways to Encourage Team Communication

Often when an office is running along getting things done, emphasis on communication can get lost. Without realizing it, teams can fall into less constructive forms of communication. Once recognized, these need to be addressed quickly to prevent miscommunication and other problems from occurring. When Freedom Events workshops focus on communication and leadership, here’s what we teach:

• Acknowledge the Problem: Start by communicating with everyone about the issue. Make sure the entire team is aware of what has happened. If this miscommunication is leading to a problem, tackle it head on and in an open way.

• Organize Communication: Once you’ve solved the initial dilemma, turn and focus on why it occurred in the first place. What groups or teams need to be communicating more regularly? How can you ensure this occurs? You can use anything from formal communications processes to online platforms to make sure everyone who needs to know gets the information.

• Set Team Goals: When we set Freedom Events’ quarterly business goals, we make sure everyone knows what the goals are and is working toward their completion. This solid understanding also helps everyone know what to communicate and to whom.

If you’re dealing with a communication issue on your team, it’s worth addressing quickly before it creates a much larger problem or causes people to make mistakes. You will find more business and success ideas by following Freedom Events on Newswire.