R&R Lake Tahoe

Freedom Events and Solutions was excited to host our 4 th quarter, regional retreat, in the shimmer of
the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

We awoke with the sun peering over the horizon, to take advantage of
the extraordinary hiking trails around Lake Tahoe.
The climb was exhilarating, and the views breathtaking.

Here at Freedom Events and Solutions, we pride
ourselves on giving our team the opportunity to travel, and grow. Every turn brings about a new
perspective; and this was especially true, as we climbed higher over the Lake.

As the sun peaked, we stopped for a water break, and discussed our mission: Inspiring careers, drawing
out the strengths of our team, and building a brighter future for our clients. The collaborative culture of
our office, brought about high fives, and encouragement, as we descended back down to the lake
The light reflecting off the waters of Lake Tahoe, twinkled in the gentle rocking. The mountains shielding
the team, from the most intense sun. How do we continue to expand? How do we continue to connect
with the community? Planning for the next four months, was passionately done, all while breathing in
the fresh air of the Mountains, along the crisp blue waters.
The 4 th quarter is on us and we arrive back in Dallas, with new ideas, and clear motivation to expand our
clients influence, this year, and beyond.