PRESS RELEASE: Freedom Events Team Spreads Joy to Children’s Hospital

PRESS RELEASE: Freedom Events Team Spreads Joy to Children’s Hospital

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The Freedom Events managers announced that their team recently collected and donated toys to a local children’s hospital. This is part of the firm’s ongoing efforts to give back to the community.

“We had an opportunity to donate to the Methodist Children’s Hospital,” said Darrick, Freedom Events’ Director of Operations. “This opportunity just fell into our lap and we grabbed it.”

As Darrick noted, the Freedom Events team enjoys supporting local causes and spreading joy to those who need it most. Giving to the hospital was an ideal opportunity to give back. “Children are very important to our organization, as we’re committed to raising funds to keep them safe and secure,” he stated. “This was a natural extension of our overall mission at Freedom Events.”

Located in San Antonio, Methodist Children’s Hospital specializes in all levels of paediatric care, from emergency services and intensive care to paediatric cardiology, oncology, neurology, and more. The hospital’s mission is to make getting well a positive experience for their patients and families.

The team chose to donate toys to the hospital. “We already had extra toys available and we collected more,” Darrick explained. “The hospital was a perfect home for them. These toys will be put to use every day to help celebrate birthdays, holidays, milestones, victories, difficult days, and pretty much anything these young patients and their families undergo while in the hospital’s care.”

“It feels good to know that we can brighten the kids’ days,” Darrick stated.

Freedom Events’ Best Practices for Giving Back

Darrick noted that the Freedom Events culture is steeped in philanthropy. “It’s the basis for all that we do,” he stated. “We lend our voices for social good as part of our business. The important thing to remember is any firm can find a way to give back. In fact, it’s enriching for your team to be socially aware and support local causes.”

Among the opportunities Darrick suggested firms consider were conducting food drives for local pantries, helping a local animal shelter with caring for rescue animals, and sponsoring events or junior sports teams. “Do try to align your volunteer efforts with your company’s values and missions,” he recommended. “This allows you to make your firm more visible in the public. It’s also more meaningful to your team when they’re engaged in selecting the causes.”

For more information on how Freedom Events supports causes they believe in, see their Newswire.

About Freedom Events:

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