PRESS RELEASE: Freedom Events Is Seeking Promising Candidates to Hire

PRESS RELEASE: Freedom Events Is Seeking Promising Candidates to Hire

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Freedom Events’ Director of Operations is looking for the right individuals to join the team, build their professional skills, learn the industry, and make a positive impact in the community.

“If you’re interested in a career opportunity that is a great professional experience and a lot of fun, consider joining the team at Freedom Events. We’re looking for young people in college or right out of college,” said the Director of Operations, Darrick. “We want to hire those who are full of energy, business-minded, and ready to begin their professional journeys. The ideal candidate is a team player who is willing to set goals and work hard to make them happen.”

It’s always exciting to work with Freedom Events, and the summer is particularly a time of growth for the business. Anyone with a positive attitude and great work ethic has a chance to excel and gain a lot of hands-on experience during their summer.

The Director explained that the company culture is fun, upbeat, supportive, and focused on continuous growth and learning. “We’re always excited to onboard fresh talent and watch them progress into leadership. It’s great to watch them grow personally and professionally, build their résumés with tremendous experiences, and learn the ropes,” said Darrick.

College students and recent graduates are encouraged to visit the Freedom Events website, learn more about the company, and apply online.

Freedom Events Interns to Participate in Summer Community Giving Project

There are two things that are core to the mission of Freedom Events: goal setting and giving back. The firm’s leadership is excited to work with summer interns to tie those two aspects together. For the Director, goal setting is about planning and success. The second core aspect is giving back to the community. In addition to the team’s general activities, workshops, and responsibilities, the associates will also design, plan, and execute on a community giving project.

“Working on volunteer projects is a great way to build your skill set because you can try out new ideas, roles, and tactics. Budding leaders can help their team complete a project of interest and build experience at the same time, all while doing something valuable for the community.”

We can’t wait to execute our summer giving plans. The whole Freedom Events team gets behind this charitable work. It’s a great team-building experience for everyone,” said Darrick. Join Freedom Events for a career full of great learning and professional experiences, along with the opportunity to make a positive impact at the same time.

About Freedom Events:

Freedom Events and Solutions is a powerful force for change, partnering with local and global nonprofits and social-good companies to spread the word about their efforts and make the world a better place. We do this by building one-on-one fundraisers and promotions that drive a movement for change. Our focus is on sparking conversations with people, moving them to join in advancing good causes. Our on-the-ground campaigns garner crucial support for movements that make a positive impact on both our local community and the world at large. Our team is made up of enthusiastic professionals who are experts at making personal connections that enhance the impact of fundraising efforts and increase the reach of our partners. This is how we build a brighter future for the world.