Highlighting Teshaun’s Winning Traits

Highlighting Teshaun’s Winning Traits

Taking time to recognize our top performers is one way we uphold the supportive Freedom Events culture. Today, we’d like to put Teshaun, one of our development managers, in the spotlight. “Teshaun shows great perseverance and tenacity,” stated Darrick, our Director of Operations. “That’s why I think he’ll continue to reach even greater heights of success with our organization.”

Teshaun has also proven to be great at building relationships, which Darrick views as a key ingredient of long-term success. The Director remarked, “It’s not enough to do great work; you need a strong network to help you achieve professional aspirations. Teshaun is one step ahead of the game because he’s so good at winning people over through his engaging personality.”

Constant improvement is another core Freedom Events principle, and it’s one that Teshaun has embraced wholeheartedly. He pushes beyond his current skill set, inspiring his teammates in the process. “We want our people to be proactive when it comes to improvement,” Darrick added. “Teshaun is setting the pace for our team by finding new ways to build upon his unique talents.”

Asking for feedback also helps people set themselves up for advancement. Teshaun is more than willing to do so, which allows him to use constructive input to bolster his own efforts to improve.

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