Giving Mateo Much-Deserved Recognition

Giving Mateo Much-Deserved Recognition

Recognizing our people’s hard work is a cornerstone of the Freedom Events culture. Darrick, our Director of Operations, is proud to put Mateo, who recently earned a promotion to the leadership level, in the spotlight.

Darrick explained, “Mateo really started making a push and figuring things out a couple of months ago. He’s always exhibited great habits, such as showing up early and being the last to leave. Along the way, he asks lots of questions about how he can improve his skills to be the best he can be. Mateo’s always going the extra mile, and his hard work has really paid off.”

Mateo provides proof of Darrick’s keys for career advancement. The Director stated, “Constantly building your knowledge base is one of the essential elements of sustainable success. Mateo is committed to continuous improvement, which is a key Freedom Events value. He doesn’t wait until he needs to learn a certain lesson or skill; he’s proactive in finding ways to add to his skill set.”

The Director also believes asking for more responsibility is a key behavior among those who reach their career goals. “Mateo shines in this regard as well,” he said. “He volunteers to help other teams and departments, always managing to add unique value in the process.”

Mateo sets a fine example for every member of Team Freedom Events. Check out our Newswire to find out more about our top performers.