PRESS RELEASE: Freedom Events Recognizes Leader, Expanding Office to Dallas

PRESS RELEASE: Freedom Events Recognizes Leader, Expanding Office to Dallas

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Derek P., a Freedom Events high achiever, will be expanding the firm’s operations into the Dallas area. Darrick P., the company’s Director of Operations, discussed the team-building skills that will help make Derek a success.

“Derek joined us in the beginning of the San Antonio expansion, and was a huge help in getting that office up and running,” shared Darrick. “He came to us looking for an opportunity to learn about marketing and business management, and then set to work applying everything he learned. His ambition and determination helped him make the most of the development opportunities we offer all our Freedom Events associates.”

The Director continued to extol Derek’s virtues, saying that along with his work ethic he is great with people, has a fun sense of humor, and knows how to motivate others. This is the perfect leadership style for leading the Freedom Events office expansion, because he will attract great team members to him and then know exactly how to encourage their best efforts.

“I remember when Derek decided it was time to kick his career into high gear,” Darrick stated. “He saw one of our top fundraising leaders get the opportunity to travel to Africa. He saw what she was doing to earn this trip, and realized he was capable of doing what she did.”

Steps to Building the New Freedom Events Team in Dallas

While Freedom Events leaders are confident that Derek is up to the challenge of expanding the firm’s operations into the Dallas area, it’s a huge responsibility. According to the Director, the first step for Derek is making sure he onboards associates that will complement his leadership style. As part of this requirement, he’ll need to learn as much as he can about his new team members, getting to know not only their work styles but also showing that he cares about them as individuals.

“Once Derek knows the strengths of his new crew, it will be time to define roles and responsibilities. Even though we have clear expectations, this is still a challenge. Then, he’ll need to master the art of timely feedback, establish a system of recognition and rewards, and look for successes to celebrate – all while handling a mountain of administrative tasks and setting up sights for our Dare to Kare campaign! He’s definitely going to be busy for the next few months, but I have a feeling he’s going to enjoy every minute of it.”

Leading an office expansion is a great chance for Derek to accomplish a few of his other goals as well. It’s very important for him to be a good role model for his younger siblings and to help take care of his extended family, and being a team leader in a new city is a step in the right direction. Also, he plans on opening even more offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, or both – so this Freedom Events expansion into Dallas will give him excellent experience for the future.

“We’re all very proud of Derek, and we wish him the best of luck as he expands our office,” Darrick concluded.

About Freedom Events

Freedom Events and Solutions is a powerful force for change, partnering with local and global nonprofits and social-good companies to spread the word about their efforts and make the world a better place. We do this by building one-on-one fundraisers and promotions that drive a movement for change. Our focus is on sparking conversations with people, moving them to join in advancing good causes.

Our on-the-ground campaigns garner crucial support for movements that make a positive impact on both our local community and the world at large. Our team is made up of enthusiastic professionals who are experts at making personal connections that enhance the impact of fundraising efforts and increase the reach of our partners. This is how we build a brighter future for the world.